Sense of Sound: Id hai ki nahi?

The most common everyday experience on the way to indiabulls is the unavoidable  thorough checkup of you id.This experience seemed the most prominent and the important one,which every one goes through,hence it seemed right to me to focus on the id checking experience.As a matter of fact , my day at the indiabulls begins with words like,”ID hai mere paas”.

The beginning of the music is the normal way of checking the id,followed by the sound of the bags clinging the security scanner machine,then a slight loop by the woman security guard asking for your id.

sense of sight: Take any other picture


Its a well known fact that only  the artist can understand his own work the best.When the artists and designers keep working on a project continously for days together, without much sleep , they start to see the world from  their art’s perspective.They see their art come alive, because only they know the  underlying meaning of their work , and nobody else does .In the above picture, this image is represented from the artists point of view, and the artist is seeing his art come alive.The man being drawn is looking at the viewer intently ,waiting for it to be drawn completely.But the main point is, the man bing drawn is actually in flat on paper, but the artist can see him being real

sense of sight asssignment

IMG_20141217_143334 - Copy

There is this single source of light, trying to light up, but is unfortunately confined by physical boundries.This picture clearly represents the state of the human mind.This picture clearly states the situation of war/battle inside the minds of every human being,which normally happens when you are not able to live the life on your own terms because other people are not letting you to.As you can see in the picture, a hand  is holding the cage for the light. The source of light is the source of hope,source of ambitions, source of fire,source of perseverence, but ,we ourselves  let the darkness from the outside world  bound the source of light,thus eventually believing that we never possessed this source of fire of ambition at all.The transparent film on the cage is the illusion created by darkness, which is trying to blur and distort the source of light of ambitions ,perseverence.The  hand which is holding the cage is like the conscience , ie, you know that you possess ambition, yet , you are not able to act on your ambition due to external influences .However , one will notice that the cage (physical boundries made by external darkness) is crude in terms of how its made.And also, that this cage is hovering in the air siNce its being held by the hand of conscience. All one has to do let go of the cage, once that happens , the  transparent film of illusion will easily break, and the light of ambition will shine the brightest, and once that happens , even the external boundries of darkness wont be able to hold you back. So basically, ITS ALL ON YOU HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.