Senses : Incorporation of all 5 senses

What is the most prominent memory of yours? Do you remember the first day of school? The first time you ate something spicy, the first time you saw snow? All of these amazing memories that we have somehow keep coming back to us by little things. If you get a particular smell it triggers a memory of it. Our senses are these important tools that help us hold onto these nostalgic moments in the way we do.

Living in Mumbai one of the most common memories that we all shared were of the rains, whether the good part of it or the bad. We have all had memories connected to it. We chose to showcase our most prominent memory of rain i.e, every time we see rain, its the one memory we all relate too. The two things that stood out for us in respective to the good and bad were Dancing of the peacocks and the using of vipers. What we realised is both the opening of the peacock feathers and the motion of vipers are very similar. We tried to incorporate both of them and realised it represented a hand fan, added bonus we suppose. In order to merge both of it, we used vipers to create the skeleton of the fan, and tie-dyed white fabric in shades of blue, green, yellow to represent the peacock . Since we dint want it to be very literal, we decided to tie-dye the fabric.We also sketched out our most prominent memories in between the structure. Those include, bike riding, drive to manali in the middle of the night, eating butta (corn) in lonavala, maggi and tea, and marine drive. We also incorporated the smell of sandalwood to remind us of the first rains and added Raag Malhar also known as the Rain Raga (it is said that by playing the Raag Malhar, one is inviting the rains) to the fan in order to recreate sound.

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Id complex music video

The video ID complex explores the concept of the rat race in the commercial world. It shows how a person dedicates his entire life running around to get his work done, ignoring his personal life and any other things that come in the way and how when the person finally just gets exhausted with that kind of running around and he falters, someone else comes from the back, pushes him over and takes his position.

We’ve also uploaded the updated version of the poster for this video.

Sense Of Sound: The Sound of India Bulls

The artificial experience of listening to a man made fountain trying to sound like a waterfall merged with the screeches of cars rather than birds in the exteriors of a corporate park in contrast to the heavy breathing of a centralised cooling monster in the interiors. Sounds of mechanical idiot boxes instead of the real idiots in the giant electrical ladders contradicting from the wailing from the electrical barrier. The larger parts of the interiors have machines talking more than men. Soft murmurs coming in small designated areas, at least there’s a little life and joy where the tools charge themselves up for the day with a dark smelly liquid. The echoes of of the footsteps of the tools coming in the silent hall ways is like the galloping of sloppy hallways. The whistle screeches if a tool goes off limits, while a car zooms past them almost killing them. The entire park is filled with sudden cries  from plastic objects created specially so that tools can communicate miles away ignoring the tool right in front of him.


Cigarettes and blazers

And pant suits and coffee

That’s how I wake up

To make myself money

Shiny nice shoes and some long flared dresses

These are a few things that make me impressive

When the day starts

When the work starts, that’s when I’m feeling sad

There’s nothing better than a coffee a day

That brings my mood back.