Sense of Sight Task 1: Write up of a picture of your work.


It feels as though the ocean of blue and purple has flown through this and left some of its frothyness on its risen parts.I can see my reflection in this piece as if it was made for me and how much sentimental value it carries for me, only I know.The waves of my childhoof flood my being.

The light bounces off into oblivion and leaves it mark on the blue surface.

The centre is a galaxy of stars coming down on us with its black darkness enveloping the focus of the image.The line on it is the shooting star aiming straight for our souls.

The white is a kind of purity that has creeped into some parts and catches your eye, it reminds me of clouds that flitted away while I sat staring at them from the window seat that I had.

The object in question has a hint of glitter tucked away in its most hidden parts that only a patient eye can witness. The background makes it feel as though someone has cut it into two and then joined them to make it look whole again.The patch of skin has so much depth in it, with different shades and so many lines crossing each others path,just like us humans.