Sense of Sight Assignment 1

Into Darkness  

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.42.37 am

The mustard locks seemed inviting as the loosely fit bulb shone the path to darkness. Each layer seemed more and more tangled the deeper you went, yet they were all connected, holding tightly on to each other. The black and pristine end of darkness fetched immense curiousity to the onlooker. It was an explosion of mystery and exciting uncertainty. The shambolic bulb couldn’t have bent more perfectly towards the converging structure increasing the urge to dive into the space it lit up rather aesthetically. For some, the arrangement may remind them of a woven conical basket probably made by someone of a clumsy or casual nature explaining the open ends towards the bottom. Others would possibly relate the structure to one of a snug nest crafted by seriously muscular birds considering the thickness of the material. In this case, the light could pass of as a visiting firefly that is rather intrusively lurking into the business of these burly birds. The closer you notice the structure, the more it actually seems like a stack of wooden flowers piled up one against the other in ascending size. However the beauty of this image really is in the contrast of light and the role of darkness that actually brings all the suspicion and a sense of direction to the piece. Each line holds its own areas of darkness and light making the entire assembly notable.


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.57.58 am
The very first glance at this piece gives you a simple sense of city possibly facing some kind of turbulence. However the closer you look at it, you notice a sense of contrast in colour that tries to portray two opposing episodes. It is then that you might realise the change in season that takes place through the change from white to black. The tree is one of the most prominent and telling elements that show you this change where the white version of it stands erect while as time progresses towards monsoon, the blacker or darker version is seemingly uprooted. The white roads are overlapped by layers of dark waters that hold floating elements

of a city like the traffic light depicting a flood. The sky too is layered with black clouds marking the arrival of monsoon. While the environment is layered to show change, the buildings are unchanged and still almost as if they are untouched by the surrounding alteration. The scraps and fragments of the dark layers add texture and a sense of chaos to the image. However a closer look at each of the scrap pieces would let you into a whole other city by itself making this piece one that tells much more than just one story.


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